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Valor Technology Innovations


What We Offer

AI Customized Search

  • Take control of your site’s search results.
  • Use our application powered by artificial intelligence for natural language processing to determine what your users are searching for and return customized results.

Since 1997, our engineers have created AI tools to allow organizations and individuals to use agile innovative technology.


Chief Executive Officer

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Growing up during a period of rapid digital growth as a child of a service-disabled veteran who served in Iraq in 2003, Anthony has an understanding and passion for how innovative technologies can provide new opportunities for communities and organizations to evolve and better serve the public.

Before being named CEO, Anthony earned his MBA, graduating from Shepherds University, Shepherdstown, WV with Honors Summa Cum Laude.

Anthony Leonard is the CEO of VTI/etastic and serves on its Board of Directors.



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Monique’s military family roots run deep. She was born at an Air Force Base while her father was serving in Vietnam. Her husband Tony, is a Service Disabled Veteran, and creator of AI Customized Search.

Monique entered the technology field in 1984 in Colorado Springs. She worked as a data processor and analyst at Digital Equipment Corporation. This provided her an opportunity to experience the hardware computing technologies that pre-dated the traditional personal computer. She continued her experience with developing computing technologies as a company top-secret information data research assistant at Optical Storage International, including working with testing lasers. This experience gave Monique an early insight into how digital technology could provide new opportunities in the storage and distribution of information on a scale that had not been seen before digital computing.

She is currently working with AI Customized Search Technology while managing a poetry media platform that has over 100,000 members as a Digital Content Curator.

Monique Leonard is the President of VTI/etastic and serves on its Board of Directors.

Our Founders’ Story

Anthony and Tony Leonard founded etastic Inc. Before founding etastic and developing its innovative technologies, Tony earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School. He continued with his passion for the power of computing technologies, serving as an Instructor and Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy, West Point. 

This passion to provide innovative solutions through computing technologies evolved as he served in Iraq as an Army Major in 2003 where he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Tony witnessed the rapid growth of computing technologies and envisioned how this innovation could serve Veterans as they moved through the various institutional systems.

As a civilian, Tony utilized IBM Watson and Amazon LEX to create in an effort to help Veterans find Department of Veterans Affairs benefits information.